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iconfessing's Journal

Icon confessions
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Welcome to iconfessing. This community is inspired by iconsecrets! There will be a current submission post where you can submit any icon/graphic related confessions/secrets you have where they will then be collectively posted when there are at least 10, although there will be no more than one post per week. Please read the rules before submitting any confessions, and feel free to watch the community for updates!

- Keep confessions icon/graphic related.
- One confession per comment, but you can make as many confessions as you want - (ip logging is disabled.)
- All confessions must be in picture form - larger than 100px x 100px but no bigger than 500px x 500px!
- No vicious, personal attacks on anyone will be shared.
- If you have any other queries etc. leave a comment on this post.
- All comments are screened.

- To keep the confessions anonymous please don't upload to photobucket or to your LJ - try imgur or something similar instead.
- Confessions can be about fandoms as long as it somehow references the icon/graphic community. (eg. Instead of saying 'I wish game of thrones had more episodes each season' saying, 'I wish game of thrones had more episodes each season so I had more caps for making icons.')
- You don't have to, but the comments containing your confessions should be posted anonymously.
- Confessions can be based on your views on the icon community's values and attitudes, any confessions about yourself and making graphics, praise for other makers, things you love about the icon community or any pet hates about the community in general (NOT individual makers)
- Although they will still be accepted if they follow the other guidelines, please try to avoid mentioning makers directly.

If you're unsure whether your confession is acceptable, feel free to ask in the 'page a mod' post, or post it to the submission post anyway - If it is seen as unacceptable it wont be posted in the confessions post, but there will be no way of knowing you made it.

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